We evaluate and, when appropriate, enter into collaborations to expand the Company’s capabilities and product offerings into a range of diseases and potentially to more broadly accelerate the development and commercialization of ddRNAi therapeutics.

Therapeutic product partnering/out-licensing to pharmaceutical partners;

  • Benitec utilizes its in-house research and development resources to discover, evaluate (in preclinical and clinical studies), a range of novel ddRNAi therapeutics. The company is currently focused on two therapeutic areas – orphan indications associated with rare genetic mutations and infectious disease.
  • Benitec may seek to partner these therapeutic programs with leading pharmaceutical partners in the relevant disease areas as they reach key pre-clinical or clinical development milestones.

R&D collaborations and with pharmaceutical partners and specialized biotechs;

  • Benitec has unique expertise in developing ddRNAi therapeutics utilizing a range of viral vectors, including novel viral vectors for ocular disease, as well as evaluating non-viral delivery platforms. This expertise combined with internal capabilities for process development and small-scale manufacturing is a powerful drug discovery/ development platform.
  • Benitec is therefore ideally placed to become the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to enter the field of non-viral and viral vector-based gene therapy and gene silencing therapeutics as a differentiated approach to disease targets. Such partnerships may include de novo discovery and development designed to silence (and replace if required) the partner’s chosen protein target(s) within a single therapeutic to provide; a) more effective drug targeting, b) ‘in-situ’ therapeutic expression, and c) potent ‘single administration’ multi-target therapies.

For more information on business development or partnering opportunities, please contact Dr. Jerel Banks, Executive Chairman and CEO at [email protected]

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